24 March 2017 marked our 10th wedding anniversary, writing this brings  back so much memories, lots of good ones and a few less good ones ( at least we learnt the lessons and got back up again). If I had to choose my life over, I will choose the exact same partner, I even teased and said I would got married even quicker.

My husband is the rock of our household, he leads by example and has a loving heart for God, he is one awesome farther and words can’t even describe how much he supports me and he is my biggest fan!!

My husband has his own business and in-between doing what I love, I help him run his business. We are such a strong team and work together now for almost 3 years, it is not always easy or fun, but at least I know the boss;-)

I just love being a wife to my hubby, he treats me with the greatest respect and picked me up when  I was at my lowest in life and raised me when I was growing my career.

It’s not always the easiest of tasks to be a devoted wife, I think in this new millennium we as woman also want to make our mark in the world, so to find the balance of being a wife, mom and career woman is vital. If you have the support of your family you will find that balance, although there are times that the whole card house falls apart, but then you pick it up and start building that card house again!!

Being a mother of two beautiful girls is one of the biggest blessings God could ever bless me with. Although they only differ 18 months and drives me insane (some of the times), they each have a beautiful personality and it is the most amazing thing to see them develop into little girls each with their own little personality.

I am absolutely a “girly mom”, it is so nice to dress them up, take them shopping and teach them the true values of a woman from a young age. To embrace yourself, to love yourself just as God created you to be. To enhance what you have, bringing forth the good and hiding away the bad.

Being a mom was also the biggest challenge for me, as we struggled for a few years to have kids, I had two miscarriages and then came little Mienke, a blonde sparkling eye little girl, she just loves animals and she is very protective of her little sister Anke, who was not really planned, but was definitely send at the right time, with her brown hair and eyes and porcelain skin she just filled our hearts with joy.

They inspired me to grow my career and to help other mommies to look beautiful as well.

Embrace being a mom, it is absolutely the hardest work, but the most rewarding job ever, never give up, all phases do pass (or so they say).


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  • Sonja

    Need a makeover.. almost 50


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