It’s the coolest season weather and fashion wise. 
By Lizel Van Der Westhuizen Full Circle Image Consulting

It might not feel like it yet as we still have hot and sunny days, but it’s time to get ahead and jump on board the new season trend train – here’s my ultimate guide to the hottest key looks to start stocking up on.

The buzzword of the coming season is ‘protection’ – whether it’s from the mean streets, or just from the elements, the options for cosseting and swathing yourself in layers of coverage are endless. It might not sound that welcome now – but when the chilly winds start blowing, you’ll see this megatrend in a whole and grateful new light. Parkas, puffas, blankets, double, even triple coats – if, in doubt, it’s all about adding another layer. And we’re starting from the head down. Balaclavas, silk headscarves, beanies and glamorous Little Red Riding Hood style hoods for evening… basically, it’s going to be a really good season for bad hair days. Hurrah! Without further ado, here are the trends to start planning your AW19 wardrobe around.

Leather/Pleather | Silk and velvet are all very well, but what to wear when you mean business? Increasingly, the answer from the autumn catwalks is leather, It was everywhere, and overwhelmingly grown-up. Try it out in a dress, jacket, bag or boots.

Animal Print Love or hate it, you will be seeing a LOT of it in stores!! From leopard to ocelot, zebra to tiger, wild stripes and spots covered the catwalks, exuding power and independence and shameless self-promotion in equal measure. The difference - now? The boldest iterations insist on a head-to-toe policy. Dare you? Or, if that is too much for you, bring it in with a scarf, handbag, shoes or earrings.

Get your BLING on Future-proofing your wardrobe is as simple as investing in a slash of silver, gold or anything metallic; if Olivier Rousteing's theory is anything to go by, his biannual Babe Machine of a catwalk collection was on a Sci-Fi streak for autumn, as he imagined what women might be wearing in 2050. Get there first! Buy it now!

Turn on Tweed Blame the Queen (again): autumn's sleeper hit came courtesy of trusty, no-longer-fusty heritage tweed. Blown into exaggerated Eighties proportions at Marc Jacobs, rendered hyper-elegant at Chanel and left to grouch and slouch away in supersize coat form at Miu Miu and Calvin Klein, tweed has a shapeshifting swagger for the new season, and the best part is, you can wear it with anything.

PLEATS Please From the chorus line to centre stage, here come the knife-pleats, high-kicking their way into your new season shopping basket with uncompromising attitude. Wear them with trousers (à la Valentino); wear them with chunky-soled creepers (Sacai); or wear them with a fluffy jumper or a slogan Tee - just do not wear them with a delicate blouse. These pleats have bite!

LOGO Alert!! Declare allegiance. Whether it's on your chest, waistband, or feet there is simply no escaping fashion's blaring logos, come autumn!

MONOCHROMATIC Suits This winter, try the fashion trend that makes you look like a top businesswoman, with monochromatic suits. This look not only is ideal for work meetings but it’s a chic way to dress up when you want to try something other than a dress. We see a lot of celebrities today opting for a matching suit on the red carpet. Heels will dress up the attire entirely while flats or sneakers are a cool approach for casual chic.




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