First impressions & Your brand

The aim of Full Circle Image Consulting for the Professional Corporate Workshops are to equip employees with the information and skills necessary to ensure that their personal and professional image does not detract from the productivity of their commercial efforts, or the image of their employer. All presentations are image related and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Presentations are energized through audience participation and a range of exciting visual aids including Power Point programs. Presentations are presented in an energetic manner, interacting with the group and content is frequently updated to ensure we present the latest information.

Corporate workshops include

Appropriate Business Dress

First Impression Management

Dressing Appropriately for your Workplace

Business Casual – including ‘How and When to wear Jeans’

Dress Code Essentials

Vocal Image

Body Language

Professional Grooming

Dress code Essentials

Image Breakers

Extended image

Respect in the Workplace

Golden rules of business etiquette



Eye Contact


Email, Telephone and Mobile Etiquette

Meeting Protocol

Gender Issues

Personal Space

Women in the business world

How to dress for your body type, to instantly look one dress-size smaller

How to dress faultlessly for your horizontal and vertical body type

How focal points can work for you 

How to wear stripes

How to wear prints and patterns

How to wear fabric and texture

How to accessorize to ATTRACT and DETRACT

How to wear colour ingeniously for your body type

Acceptable and unacceptable dress for Business Casual

Basic makeup tips

Shop smart strategies

“Changed the face of my business”

Lizel really showed my employees that being professional isn't just in the way you talk, but the way you dress. That truly influences your first impression of a business . Walk the walk. Thanks for making the experience so amazing for all my employees.

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