How to Buy at a SALE

Soooo it is THAT time of year again, where all the shops have a SALE, and yes we do LOVE a SALE!!……..BUT, how many times do we really wear the items that we buy at a sale???

The temptation, the marked down signs, the rows and rows of clothes, shoes etc…. oh how excited I am just writing about it!! But this can also be overwhelming at times.

According to an article in the Forbes Magazine, “When you see a “sales” sign or sticker, or hear your favourite store has just moved that jacket you’ve been eyeing to the clearance section, you might become a little giddy. Saving money? Yes, please! However, sales aren’t always what they seem. In fact, you could end up  giving the store more money during a sale than you would have on a normal day.”

You may well ask, but how am I giving the store more money?

Now, the answer is simple, we usually end up buying more items or items that we never use. So, to prevent this from happening again, here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider before you hit the SALES!

If you follow these simple steps, you can really save money and have those beautiful items you couldn’t afford before they were marked down.

A Few DO NOT’S (lets first look at the things not to do): This will help you to save money, and not just buy because the item is on SALE……

1. Don’t Get Attached

Don’t buy a piece that you wanted at the beginning of the season if it is no longer wearable in the upcoming months or season. For example, that super on-trend print tank top you wanted in February might seem like a good idea, but will it still be in fashion next summer?  Make sure you buy classic items on seasonal sales, these items don’t have a fashion ‘expiry date’ and you can wear them again in the next season.

2. Don’t: Buy Almost-Perfect Basics

Don’t buy any basic that isn’t the perfect wash, fit or style just because it is on sale. Make sure that they fall within your style and colour personality. If the piece doesn’t suit you 100% then rather leave the item, as I can promise you it will just end up in your closet stuffing your closet with more items that won’t get worn.

3. Don’t: Be Unrealistic

Too small, but you will lose some weight? Yeah, right. Haven’t we all done this or maybe bought a jacket that’s just that bit too big, because “what if I layer the look in winter, then it will fit?” NO, it will not. If it is not in your size rather leave the item or ask a sales lady to look at which other branches may still have your size, or visit their website and purchase the correct size online, as many stores have the same items on sale in store and online!

4. Don’t: Buy One-Off Items

Sure, that over-the-top caftan is really “Olsen-chic”, but where are you actually going to wear it? Figure out price per wear, or think about how many upcoming events you can wear it to and judge from there. Don’t just buy an item because it looks good on a friend; make sure it suits your style and that you will feel comfortable in the item.

5. Don’t: Settle

If you’re still dreaming of a better version of that lace-up heel or that leather skirt, then you’re definitely not buying the right piece. Rather save up a bit more and buy the REAL item you want, otherwise you will end up spending more in the long run, one with the disappointing sale item sitting in your closet and two buying the item you actually want.

6. Don’t: Be Lazy

Shop around and look for the best deal. Different stores give different discounts all the time, and it could be the difference between buying one item on your list, or two. Make a list of items you really want, as this will help you to see which stores have most of your ‘wanted’ items on sale. Sometimes stores have promotions; buy two and get discount, or buy three items and get the cheapest one for free.

A Few DO’S (The Best Part!!): This will help you to save money and not to buy just to buy because it is on SALE…… but because you really need it!!

Do: Know The Rules

Can the item be returned? You should know before buying anything that you’re not 100% certain about. And be sure that you can be refunded if there is no size available. My advice to clients: Make time to shop, so go and fit the item to make sure it is the correct size, otherwise you’re wasting time and money going back to the shop to return the item.

Do: Consider The Potential

If a dress or jacket is a little big on you, but could be easily and affordably altered, buy it. Make 100% sure that you can tailor the item and that it suits your style, but is just that little bit too big.

Do: Weigh Up The Pros And Cons

If something is only on sale in a colour that’s not your first choice, consider how much you will wear the item and whether or not it’s worth holding out for the full-price option. If the colour is not within your colour scheme, you will feel dull and not receive compliments, so rather leave the item and look for something else.

Do: Plan Ahead

Make a list, or bookmark, of what you want, so that you’re prepared when the sales start. That way you’ll keep your eyes peeled for the perfect moto jacket, instead of getting distracted by cocktail dresses you don’t really need. Most shops have a mid-season sale, so if you can hold out a bit, wait for the sale and you can buy that expensive item for far less.

Do: Buy Statement Pieces

The perfect way-out-of-budget embellished jacket that you coveted is finally on sale? Can you wear it with at least five things already in your closet? Buy it.

Do: Buy Basics

Stock up on things that you regularly need and buy, such as your favourite white t-shirt or bra. Also a nice set or two of Pyjamas, things that aren’t fashion bound, in that way you can buy something else you like if it is not on special.

Do: Search For Promo Codes

Google is your friend—be proactive about getting the best discount possible. Most shops are online as well, so if you like the item in store and they don’t have your size, go visit them online, great chance of getting it there.

Few More tips:

  • If you are a card holder at a store, find out if they open earlier on sale days for card holders, if you are there first, there are more options available.
  • Always eat before going shopping, you will focus more.
  • Make time for shopping, don’t rush in and out of the store, do have enough time to fit items.
  • If you buy boots buy them in a neutral colour that can be worn the next season.
  • Don’t just buy because you feel the need to and just because it is on sale. If you don’t feel comfortable in the items, rather wait and save up for a really stunning item!!
  • If you are a mom like me, a great tip is to always try and buy clothes for the kids for the next season, so for example this winter I will buy items in the size the kids will be during the next winter. True, especially for jackets etc., the more expensive items. I can promise you won’t be sorry that you made space for those items, because as we know these items will cost more the next season and you will be set already with a few basics to start them off with.

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