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Shopping is an activity that most of us will have to do.

While it’s sometimes exciting — if you want something new — it’s often tiresome. You have to trudge around a store, wait in line to pay for your purchases, and then carry a heavy load home only to find you’ve forgotten something. Or you wander around and don’t find anything that you like….. 

So why not shop online on the site and have your goodies couriered to your door? Now you can shop in bed, on the couch or wherever you feel comfortable, with a nice cup of coffee in hand ;-)…….oh, and bonus – you won’t have to scramble around a mess when there is a sale on!!

So now I am not just a personal shopper I am your online shopper as well!!​
“Pre-loved Wardrobe”is devoted to making the experience of buying and selling pre-owned fashion exciting, stylish, inspirational and fun. Our mission is to build a trusted social shopping site - a place to browse and be inspired as well as buy and sell pre-owned fashion at an affordable price. Your pre-loved item is a new item to someone else.

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