Not everyone has a personal style as recognisable as Iris Apfel’s; but everyone does have their own unique style. Some just haven’t discovered it yet.

Have you ever tried on an item of clothing that took your breath away while shopping and once on, thought; OMG I love it…it’s sooo me!”

If you have; you’ve experienced the rapture of finding an item that is in perfect sync with your unique personal style expression (PSE). For some, this perfect find will be nothing more than a favourite item, worn often because it makes them feel so good. A lucky buy if you will.

For others it’s a find resulting from knowing what their personal style is; not just the label Classic, Dramatic, Natural etc, but from having a real understanding of what garment and accessory elements make up an item that truly expresses their authentic self.

If you have not found your TRUE STYLE yet this feature is for you.

Personal style expression is an important aspect of style; it’s the element that makes you unique and if truly you, it makes your heart sing. 

In a Marie Clare feature Psychiatrist, Dr. Samantha Boardman was quoted as saying When you wear something that makes you feel great, the effects may be subtle — the way you tilt your head, your facial expressions — but they matter.”…“The right outfit can help you feel more confident when you need it most — it can serve as both armour and inspiration.”

Your personal style while appearing to be external is actually deeply internal. It reveals who you are in a way that is entirely unique to you while also lifting you up to BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! 

To put it simply, your personal style matters.

Of course, it’s not the make or break, factor of style but rather an important element that when united with figure-flattering, age and lifestyle appropriate styles combine to create your unique style blueprint.  Leave any one of these elements out and you can find your style satisfaction slipping.    

Your personal style expression is conveyed through the garments and accessories you choose to wear and the way you wear them. 

An important point to also add is that your personal style is ever evolving, time and life experiences can cause us to express ourselves differently. For example, I’ve worked with women who were prominently feminine who after experiencing a prolonged traumatic event such as cancer or a nasty divorce have found their style to have evolved into Natural or Classic as their dominant as a result of having to get tougher to have survived the experience. For others, the change may come because they have become more confident or liberated over time. 

I work with 7 main style expression types of which almost everyone falls into a mix between two types with one being dominant and these pairing result in 49 possible classifications. In fact, even a third type can be present. 

Main Types: Classic, Elegant, Natural, Dramatic, Feminine, Sexy and Creative

 You will find variations to all the types and classifications depending on the person’s location, culture, and adaption to each part of their lifestyle. For example, a woman who had Natural as their dominant type and classic as her secondary may find herself increasing the classic influence to be taken more seriously at work.


Classic women like nothing better than timeless looks, fine beautiful fabrics and simple, tailored cuts in clothing. They enjoy a closet filled with neutral colours, classic cuts, and functional styles. They tend to keep clothing for long periods of time and replace worn out items with a similar replacement.

The classic woman is always appropriately dressed and carries the image of someone who is dependable and practical.  

Celebrities: Kate Middleton, Ann Hathaway, Jodie Foster, Blake Lively, Naomie Harris, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, and Margot Robbie


The elegant woman is in harmony with all things polished, perfect and understated, Quality is high on her list of must-haves and her self-assurance and poise are always noticed and admired. Her preference is for quality rather than quantity leading to a wardrobe of beautiful fabrics and minimalist, feminine styles. Her secret obsession can be searching for beautiful vintage items.

The elegant woman is feminine and sophisticated and carries the image of high social standing.      

Celebrities: Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Princess Mary of Denmark, Helen Mirren, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet.


Women who possess a natural style feel most at home in comfortable, functional, unpretentious styles. Not women to get ‘all dolled up’, they prefer to keep everything simple and natural – there are few synthetics on this lady’s back.

The elegant woman is relaxed and laid back and carries the image of approachable ease and open-mindedness.

Celebrities: Sandra Bullock, Helen Hunt, Ellen Degeneres, Julia Roberts. Whoppi Goldberg, Judy Dench, and Lauren Hutton.


There’s no missing the woman with this striking personal style. She is larger than life and twice as bold. She structs her style and makes entrances with commanding confidence. Her style preferences are for one of a kind dramatic statements which often include bold colours, exotic shapes and prints, and unusual accessories and shapes. Angles, animal prints and large accessories are her go to pieces.

The dramatic woman is ostentatious and exciting and carries the image of independence and confidence.

Celebrities: Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Gwen Steffani. Lyn Slater (The Accidental Icon) 


The feminine style personality is all about softness, drape colour, and curls. She feels her most at home in dresses and flowy fabrics, ruffles, lace, delicate accessories and when she is primped and primed to perfection. Nothing is too much trouble or takes too much time to get ready – she’s the perfect princess.

The feminine woman is ladylike, delicate and youthful and carries the image of innocents, warmth, and compassion.

Celebrities: Delta Goodrem, Leona Edmiston, Jane Seymore, Taylor Swift, Elle Fanning


Women with a sexy personal style like nothing better than to be noticed for their curvaceous body and sensuous makeup and hair. They feel empowered when they have caught the attention of every man in sight. From curve-hugging dresses to plunging necklines and skirts that show plenty of leg, this woman means business.

The sexy woman is liberated, flirtatious, and seductive and carries the image of glamour, daring, and danger.  

Celebrities: Sharon Stone, Madonna, Cher, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Scarlett Johansson.


These women dress to the beat of their own drum; following any style rule or fashion trend is totally off their radar. From confrontational to artsy these women are inherently talented for putting the most unexpected items together and carrying it off to perfection. This is the only style personality that is almost impossible to pull off if it does not come naturally to you.

Celebrities: Dianne Keaton, Jessica Minkoff, Katy Perry, Rachel Zoe, Helena Bonham Carter, Avril Lavigne, Rachel Wang

Ready to Discover Your Style?

Have you found reading about the personalities interesting? I hope so. Discovering your own personality helps you focus in on the best styles for you and makes shopping faster and more effective. 

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