A fresh and stimulating way to learn about your style while socializing with your lady friends.

For any ladies’ event, networking, fundraiser, bridal shower, stork party, high days or holidays. The pleasure will be ours, and the fun yours.

Style Master Class

Colour Masterclass

The Makeup Workshop

A few things I can cover

If you are organising a fundraiser, ladies high tea or any other function and would like me to speak at the function, choose a topic from above, and contact us to book the date. Spoil yourself! Teach yourself!

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Men’s Style

Wardrobe organization

How to organise

Woman’s Secrets

Bust | Briefs | Boosters | Helpers

Everything about jeans

Implementing Fashion in your daily life

How to accessorize yourself

Dressing your personality

Grooming & Styling for men

Things you never knew

Insights into fashion

Style wise & shop smart

Years younger without plastic surgery

Colour & how to wear

Textures & patterns

Basic makeup tips

“I learnt so many things”

"You always think that you know exactly what you are doing until someone points out a few things you have to look out for. A whole new world has opened for me in the fashion world. Now I know what suits me, what will compliment my personality and how to make myself feel worthy again. This was such a great way to spend a morning with some inspiring ladies.”